Board of Directors

Marlene Duffield, MA, Psychology, President
Madison, Wisconsin

Alfred Meyer, President – Elect
New York, New York

Donna Ulteig, Vice President
Madison, Wisconsin

Tammy Koester Parks, JD, Treasurer
Madison, Wisconsin

Charlene Sweeney, MSW, Secretary
Madison, Wisconsin

Norma J. Berkowitz, MSSW, Founder / Past President
Madison, Wisconsin

Donald Cleary, Nuclear Energy Specialist
Kensington, Maryland

Don Maypole, Ph.D.
Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin

David Utley, B.A. Liberal Arts, M.A. Political Science
Madison, Wisconsin

Halyna Traversa Young, Attorney at Law
Chicago, Illinois

Heidi Dietz
Chester, West Virginia

Harmony Kronick
Madison, Wisconsin

Mindy Walker
Madison, Wisconsin

Rick Asplund
Madison, Wisconsin

Robert Schuettpelz, Executive Director
Madison, Wisconsin



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