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The BOYARKA CENTER serves a population of 40,000 people. Prior to Chernobyl, Boyarka was a mid-sized community of agriculture and small industry but today it is primarily a “bedroom community” to Kyiv. A van purchased by FOCCUS now enables the Center to reach villages that are quite isolated and very economically depressed. This Center also serves a 400 bed regional pediatric hospital.

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The following is a short testimonial by Ana Gundlach, a UW-Madison graduate who has helped FOCCUS and the Chernobyl Centers in many ways along with her family. In the Summer of 2006, Ana visited Ukraine with her parents and siblings. Here is her account:

"My mom and I became involved with FOCCUS in the summer of 2004 when we participated in a FOCCUS sponsored study tour of the community centers in Ukraine. The trip was an incredibly moving experience for both of us. When we returned home we decided that we wanted to stay connected to FOCCUS and the centers by bringing children to Madison for respite care. With the guidance of Bethel Lutheran Church and its Circle of Love program we raised money at our own Church, St. John’s Lutheran, by selling ornaments and teaching Ukrainian Egg making lessons. Last summer, we brought two children to Madison [Wisconsin] from the community center in Boyarka.

This summer, accompanied once more by my mother but with the addition of my father and two brothers, we traveled to Ukraine to visit our family as well as our new friends in Boyarka. We toured the center and presented our fundraising efforts of $1500. We also discussed other ways that we might be able to support the center along with providing respite care for the children. We look forward to having a long lasting relationship with the community center in Boyarka and with FOCCUS."

Korosten Center Photo 2

(L. to R.) Margit Gundlach, Boyarka Center Director Ksenyia Samolenko, Nick Gundlach, Natasha Akulenko (interpreter), Matt Gundlach, Dick Gundlach, and Ana.

Korosten Center Photo 3

Margit Gundlach presenting Center Director Ksenyia Samoilenko with a donation of $1,500



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