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FOCCUS began as a project of the Institute for International Connections (IIC - www.iiconnect.org), a national organization of social workers, educators, psychologists and psychotherapists. IIC is dedicated to fostering implementation of Virginia Satir's pioneering work on family systems and democratic relationships in the former Soviet Union.

An IIC conference in Veronesh, Russia, in 1995 initiated contact with a group of educated and committed young Soviet professionals who had just been hired by UNESCO to staff the new community centers. In 1996 the IIC Board approved a proposal by Norma Berkowitz to launch a support project on behalf of these Centers.

In spring 2002 FOCCUS became in independent non-profit corporation qualified by the internal revenue service as a 501(c)3, tax exempt organization with its own Board of Directors.

FOCCUS is directly responsible to its own Board of Directors. The Board is currently composed of 14 members from the fields of social work, business, academics and law. It started as a 100% volunteer organization, with no officer or Board member receiving compensation.

In 2008, FOCCUS was excited to hire Robert Schuettpelz to be a part time Executive Director to further the mission of the organization.

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