Slavutich Center

The SLAVUTICH CENTER serves this newly created community of 25,000 people, which was completely built within two years after the disaster to re-house employees of the Chernobyl power plant. Many contemporary personnel working on decommissioning the reactors and building the new reactor shelter live in Slavutich and travel by train to the nuclear site. The town is now a major center for international scientists working on post-Chernobyl issues.

Stories From Slavutich:

Individual Consultations

"Who hasn't had problems with their kids? As kids grow, problems grow, too. One day I realized I needed to see a psychologist at the Psychosocial Center. It was not easy, to start talking about my difficulties, but an attentive, calm look and a welcoming smile calmed me and gained my trust. During a frank conversation about my relationship with my daughter, using leading questions he inferred the reasons for our difficulties, managed to see their roots. Thanks to him, I looked at my self and my family more deeply, and in a different light. He let me know that I need to change first of all myself, as the reason lies not in the kid's character, but in my own, somewhat wrong, behavior. The consultant's tact spared my self-esteem, his knowledge of psychology helped my heart, a mother's heart, to overcome my selfishness. During I conversation I as if saw my life anew, recalled, reevaluated and reexamined the biggest events that have been turning points of my life. His using images in his speech, intelligible explanations and concrete ideas helped me find a solution to my situation. I went there to get help for my child, and ended up getting help for myself, too. I left with feelings of renewal, emotional fulfillment, spiritual enrichment and gratitude."

-Liliya H.

Telephone Helpline

"Heartfelt thanks to the specialists working at the Helpline. many of us know that our city has a phone line for emergency psychological help, but not everyone dares call. Our upbringing, superstitions, public opinion do not allow us to do it, and that is unfortunate. Of course, it is easier and more customary to tell a woman next door, or a friend about one's troubles and burdens. Lucky, if the neighbor or friend turns out to respect your privacy, but what if they don't? Rumors, gossip will snowball across the city until you have not one trouble, but many. This is what happened to me recently. I had problems with my 17-year old daughter. I kept sharing my problems and anxieties with a friend. I don't know how, but my daughter heard about it. She decided I was a tattletale. Our relationship was at an all-time low. In despair I did not want to go on living. I had suicidal thoughts.

A miracle happened when I accidentally saw a Helpline ad on TV. Just like a drowning person grasping for straws, I decided to give them a call. A pleasant voice answered; they listened to me carefully. During the conversation I realized that I am not just a living creature; I am a human being, I am a person, I am a mother. My daughter needs me. They helped me sort through my difficulties, and together we came up with a solution, how I should act in the existing situation. Later on I called the helpline again for various reasons, and always they listened to me and gave me exhaustive answers. I knew for sure that the information I trusted them with would not become public. Thank you very much, Helpline!"

-Tatyana V., Slavutich

Training Sessions by the Center's Psychologists

1. "These trainings gave me a lot. I learned that in many situations it is not good to withdraw into oneself, but it is better to confide in your loved ones or talk to a psychologist. I learned how to find a common language with others, and also about the consequences of AIDS and its symptoms. I know now what to do in case of violence, how to help a friend; how to act in risky situations and how to avoid them. I learned a lot during this study course, and I am glad that we have the Psychosocial Center in our city."

-Eugenia T., 15.

2. "The "You Life, Your Choice" study course really helped me in the sense that I learned a lot about AIDS and STDs, about risky situations, and when one has to be able to say "no". Reflecting on my future, I became convinced that I would like to become a psychologist. This profession is very interesting, as psychologists help many people. All of us learned something new in this course, something that will be useful in life. These classes really made me think about my own behavior in public, and other places. Thank you!"

-Irina K., 16.

Weekend School

"AT the Weekend School they taught me to better know myself, to communicate well, understand my friends and family. Lectures helped me realize what I would like to do in the future, helped me choose a profession. They taught me to take care of myself, lead a healthy life, act so that I and people around me are happy. They taught me to work in a group, to not be afraid to speak my mind. I would like it if there were more such organizations in our city and country."

-Marina S.

"Weekend School is a door to self-knowledge. Here I learned something new about myself. I have learned conflict resolution, gained new friends; old friends take me more seriously now. They even ask me for advice."

-Anna E.

"I especially liked discussions because they give you a chance to express your opinion, prove to others that your thoughts deserve to be heard and understood."

-Tanya S.

"The School helps us systematize our thoughts. Didn't A. Pushkin once say: What is man's greatness if not his thoughts? But when one's thoughts are all tangled in one big ball, what greatness can we talk about it? Classes help us untangle our thoughts; we learn logical thinking and a more scientific approach to simple things."

-Oksana K.

"The Weekend School helped us make a step into grown-up life, into society. Most importantly, after writing a paper on conflicts between parents and children, my relationship with my mother greatly improved."

-Lena D.

"At the Weekend School it is very nice to talk to people: no one puts themselves above others, all talk as equals."

-Nastya T.



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