How to Get Involved and Volunteer

FOCCUS is always in search of individuals willing to donate their time, financial resources, or talents to furthering the organization's efforts. Volunteer activities are currently focused on organizational development of FOCCUS (educating the public, fund raising, networking, etc.) There are also limited opportunities for student internships with FOCCUS and with the UNDP office in Kyiv and, for those with Russian language ability, in the centers.

If you are interested in getting involved in FOCCUS, please contact either Robert Schuettpelz at:


Norma Berkowitz at: .

Possible Ideas:

  • Schedule a FOCCUS presentation for a community organization, book club, etc., to which you belong
  • Organize, with FOCCUS support, a Chernobyl discussion group
  • Mobilize your own fund raising event featuring FOCCUS representatives
  • Solicit gifts of time and money to assist the centers


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